Gone Girl Book Club Review

Happily, the Kansas City-reared Flynn ignored that conventional wisdom in adapting her best-selling novel “Gone Girl” for the screen. She wrote the screenplay, and with director David Fincher (“Fight.

Like the lead character she portrays in the widely anticipated movie version of “Gone Girl,” Rosamund Pike fell. and she read the book between their meetings. “It’s your perfect book club really,”.

Like the lead character she portrays in the widely anticipated movie version of “Gone Girl,” Rosamund Pike fell. and she read the book between their meetings. “It’s your perfect book club really,”.

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in my review. But now I have two things to say about the ending, because people are asking, and anyone who wants to pipe up in the comments should go right ahead and do so. The ending of “Gone Girl”.

“Gone Girl’s” twisty plot wouldn’t be as effective as it is if the casting of all the subsidiary characters weren’t as good as the leads, and Laray Mayfield, who has cast Fincher’s films since 1999’s.

Gone Girl lives up to all of the above—and then some. It’s an ill-advised and poorly executed mess that shows a master craftsman at half-mast, casting around for a little controversy. I didn’t read.

Here’s the rundown (from EW): Gone Girl autopsies the marriage. Fincher has tackled book adaptations before, including the renowned FIGHT CLUB and the less-renowned THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO,

NEW YORK (Reuters) – David’s Fincher’s “Gone Girl” kicked off the New York. lines but to make sure it ultimately felt like the book, and to keep the dark part and the weird nuances. Early reviews.

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I have to wonder if my reaction to “Gone Girl” would have been different if I hadn’t read the book. It’s a movie I’ve been looking. From this point on, it’s hard to write this review without.

She’s brought everything from Wild and A Wrinkle in Time to Big Little Lies and Gone Girl to the big screen, launched an incredibly successful online book club with over 489,000 followers on Instagram.

He broke out with Se7en all the way back in 1995 and has crafted an immensely impressive filmography since, making movies like Fight Club, Zodiac. adapting Gillian Flynn’s best-selling novel Gone.

You have a reputation for dim-lit, closeup long-shots, especially in “Fight Club.” Is that your signature style or has that been pegged on you wrongly? I think it’s pegged on me wrongly. That was a.

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Don’t obsess over the casting decisions; they’ll never look like how you think they should (although “Gone Girl” did a great.

he optioned the book that fall. He wrote the screenplay and had Flynn review the drafts. Two years later, just as the project started to take shape with Amy Adams rumored as the likely star to play.

simmering sense of dread (“Fight Club,” “Seven,” “Zodiac”). In short, he may be Hollywood’s current master of technical manipulation, and he brings his A game to “Gone Girl.” It’s a study in.

Last year we were reading Gone Girl on the beach, this year the best-selling Gillian Flynn best-seller hits cinemas and GLAMOUR was first on the scene to deliver the verdict. Adapted from the.

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This week on The Collision, we’re joined by Perri and Evan to talk about David Fincher and Gone Girl. During this spoiler-heavy episode. how the film differs from the book, and much more. As always.